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Are you looking for the best version of your smile? Your search for the perfect smile is over. Introducing Harmony Veneers: The latest innovation in design, technique, and construction for porcelain veneers. Harmony veneers are the epitome of natural design and aesthetic in porcelain veneers. Dr Tyler Hales and master ceramist Daniel Yang have spent years refining their process for the design and construction of Harmony veneers, veneers that look natural and beautiful and will last for many years. Harmony veneers are an exclusive product only delivered by Dr. Tyler Hales. The process for making and delivering Harmony veneers requires expertise and precision in workflow and an incredibly delicate fabrication process with ceramist Daniel Yang that most dentists don’t have the resources or training. Dr Hales sees patients from all over the country who are seeking exclusive access to Harmony Veneers.

The materials available today can be blended so well that the results are more lifelike than ever. The greatest compliment Dr. Hales receives about his dental veneer treatments is when people ask his patients from the Rancho Santa Margarita and Mission Viejo area if they used teeth whitening or straightened their teeth. They’re shocked to find out that the change in appearance is because of porcelain veneers.

What are

Harmony Veneers?

Harmony Veneers are hand-crafted porcelain veneers, made by internationally-renowned ceramist, Daniel Yang, CEO and owner of Harmony Labs. Harmony Veneers are ultra modern in design, organic and natural in characteristic, and uniquely created for every smile. Harmony veneers are made of hand-painted thin shells of porcelain that closely mimic the appearance of natural teeth. Harmony veneers, like a traditional veneer, are bonded to the front surface of the tooth, creating a structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing tooth whose beauty and aesthetics are truly unparalleled.  


Harmony veneers bring out the natural beauty in a smile through intentional replication of natural tooth color, texture, and shape, with an ultra-thin design that mimics the characteristics of real teeth. These life-like veneers look anything but fake, giving you a natural smile that looks and feels like it was meant to be there in the first place. Harmony veneers are a great option to enhance or transform your smile, without making your teeth look unnatural. 

What makes Harmony Veneers different?

Harmony Veneers feature an ultra-modern design that moves away from outdated, bulky styles. They are crafted to provide a natural look with organic aesthetics that enhance the function and health of your smile, paying careful attention to the bite and overall dental health.

 Each veneer is uniquely tailored to reflect your individuality, with meticulous customization to integrate seamlessly into your existing smile. Harmony Veneers are designed with natural color variations, textures, and shapes to mimic real teeth, ensuring your enhanced smile still looks authentically yours.

Crafted by master ceramist Daniel Yang, each veneer is hand-made with precision, ensuring high-quality and consistent results that meet your expectations. Made from durable, high-quality porcelain, these veneers resist staining and discoloration and can last for 20-30 years with proper care.

The placement of Harmony Veneers involves minimal tooth preparation, with Dr. Hales ensuring only the necessary amount of tooth structure is removed to achieve the best results. This conservative approach helps maintain more of your natural tooth structure while achieving the desired aesthetic outcome.


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Harmony veneers are hand-crafted and custom-made by ceramist Daniel Yang. The average cost for these state-of-the-art custom porcelain dental veneers is anywhere from $2,500-$4,500  per tooth. The pricing depends on the total number of teeth selected, the quality of the materials used, and the condition of the patient’s teeth and overall oral health. Dr. Hales utilizes a comprehensive approach for the diagnosis and treatment of veneer candidates and makes recommendations for the long-term benefit of his patients. His goal is to give his patients a healthy, functional, and aesthetically beautiful smile that will last for 20-30 years or more. 

Anyone can get veneers! As long as you have teeth and healthy gums, veneers are an excellent option for improving smile appearance and function. Missing teeth may need additional solutions such as implants or bridges, and teeth that are broken or decayed may need crowns or root canals. These treatments can be done in combination with veneers to create a smile that is both healthy and beautiful. Dr. Hales recommends that patients maintain good oral hygiene, attend regular dental visits, and treat dysfunctional issues like bruxism (teeth grinding). If you think you are a good candidate for veneers, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Hales who will develop a treatment plan that addresses your unique needs. 

Porcelain dental veneers are an aesthetic and functional solution for a variety of dental concerns. Veneers are used to:

  • Improve the shape of the teeth
  • Brighten the smile
  • Repair chipped or damaged teeth
  • Improve teeth alignment by straightening or repositioning the teeth
  • Protect the teeth from sensitivity
  • Strengthen tooth structure
  • Improve TMJ or other bite issues

No matter the reason, veneers will make you feel comfortable about showing off your smile. If you feel you have healthy teeth and any of the issues or concerns listed above, it is time to start your veneer journey TODAY!

There are endless benefits to porcelain veneers! Whether you are deciding on a single veneer or a full mouth of veneers, your confidence will be boosted by the transformative effects of porcelain veneers. Some of the most common benefits of dental veneers include: 

  • Cosmetically repair teeth
  • Achieve a natural-looking smile
  • Boost self-confidence
  • Minimally invasive approach
  • Results are fast and painless
  • Aftercare and maintenance is simple
  • Permanent solution 

Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are bonded directly to the natural tooth. Veneers are made to cover the front surface and edge of the tooth to make changes to the color, shape, size, alignment, and overall look of the teeth and smile. Porcelain veneers are individually hand-crafted and custom-made for each tooth.

Because of the expertise, precision, and high quality of the materials used by ceramist Daniel Yang, Harmony veneers will last 20-30 years or longer. There are several things that can be done to increase the lifespan of Harmony veneers, including maintaining good oral hygiene habits and attending regular dental visits and check-ups.

Dr. Hales provides a 5 year warranty on his porcelain veneers and crowns, as long as the patient is observing recommendations for good oral hygiene, regular dental visits, and regular dental cleanings. Harmony veneers are not expected to chip, break, or pop off with normal usage. Veneers should not be used to open objects, crunch ice, or be used for anything other than eating/drinking/talking. 

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