Veneer Test Drive: Discover Your Brightest Smile

Veneer test drive

Veneer Test Drive

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with a new smile? Beyond digital representations and other renderings is the option for a first-hand experience trying on a new smile with a Smile Test Drive. Making the decision to invest in your smile is much easier when you can see for yourself the potential impact it will make on your self-confidence. 

What is a Veneer Test Drive?

A veneer test drive is a quick, painless, and temporary solution to help you envision the potential of your smile with veneers. The entire process takes only 45 minutes. A removable material is applied directly to the teeth to mock-up a sample of the new smile. Patients get to look in the mirror and see their “new” smile for the first time. It is an impactful experience in which patients are able to experience first-hand the changes that are possible, rather than just envisioning the smile with digital or other representations. 

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How does the test drive appointment work?

The appointment begins with a thorough conversation about the patient’s goal for their smile. This includes the number of veneers, the shape and size of the teeth, and any specific concerns the patient has about the smile. It is often helpful to go through sample cases and before and after pictures so the patient can begin identifying what they want in a new smile.

After discussing the patient’s goals and determining the number of veneers to “try on”, the actual test drive experience begins. Dr. Hales uses a removable flowable composite material over the top of your teeth. The material is only temporarily bonded to your teeth so you can see what changes can be made to the shape, color, and size of your teeth. The procedure is completely painless and 100% removable. The material is placed over the teeth to give the patient an idea of what can be achieved with veneers. 

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How long does the veneer test drive last?

The temporary veneers last for only a few hours. Some patients find it helpful to be able to wear the test drive smile home to show significant others and friends. The patient has to be careful not to bump the teeth or eat with the test drive veneers, as they come off easily. 

How do I take the test drive veneers off?

When the patient is ready to take the test drive veneers off, they need to apply slight pressure to the material to pull them off of the teeth. The material pops off easily and can then be thrown away. With the material removed from the teeth, the teeth are back in their original state again.  

Who is a candidate for a test drive?

Anyone who is interested in veneers but hesitant about making the investment in their smile should come in for a smile test drive. Not only is the appointment informative, it is interactive, fun, and even life-changing! Seeing the potential of your smile is a powerful experience! The test drive also helps patients to see how many veneers are needed for them to achieve their goals for their smile. Patients leave the appointment feeling informed and empowered to make a decision that is right for them. 

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How do I get started? 

Follow the link to schedule your in-person appointment with Dr. Hales. If distance is keeping you from scheduling, start a virtual consultation today and Dr. Hales can answer any questions you have and make recommendations for your smile. 


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